Psicología Educativa -  Educational Psychology Psicología Educativa -  Educational Psychology
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Diciembre 2016
Vol. 22. Num. 2.
Pages 81-142

Psicología Educativa (Journal of Educational Psychology) is a multi-disciplinary scientific Spanish journal aimed at fostering both theoretical contributions and experimental research by psychologists and related educational jobs. Its goal is to share topics within the areas of cognitive, affective and cultural processes, knowledge acquisition, along with areas of educational intervention and innovation. Researchers in the field of education (psychologists, anthropologists, sociologists, educational technologists, and so on), along with educators and counselors from whatever sector, educational psychologists, assessors, specialists in computing and information technology applied to education, are all therefore invited to submit their work to this journal . Psicología Educativa accepts unpublished original manuscripts of interest for psychologists that are contributions to the knowledge in the field of educational psychology.Psicología Educativa is published mainly in Spanish, although original contributions in English are also accepted.

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Vol. 22. Num. 2. Diciembre 2016 Pages 81-142
This is the last issue available in English language
Predictive value of the Merrill-Palmer-R Scale applied during the first year of live
Francisco Alcantud, Yurena Alonso
Psicología Educativa 22 (2016) 87-92
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The child creativity test (TCI): Assessing creativity through a problem finding task (Manuscript in Spanish)
Manuela Romo, Vicente Alfonso-Benlliure, Maria-Jose Sanchez-Ruiz
Psicología Educativa 22 (2016) 93-101
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Death pre-school education: Some action lines for schools (Manuscript in Spanish)
Maialen Gorosabel-Odriozola, Ana León-Mejía
Psicología Educativa 22 (2016) 103-11
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Explanatory factors of academic performance in children of Mexican immigrants in New York (Manuscript in Spanish)
Joaquina Palomar Lever, Sandra I. Montes de Oca Mayagoitia, Alma M. Polo Velázquez, Amparo Victorio Estrada
Psicología Educativa 22 (2016) 125-33
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Effects of induction of positive and negative emotional states on academic self-efficacy beliefs in college students
Leonardo Adrián Medrano, Ezequiel Flores-Kanter, Luciana Moretti, Germán Leandro Pereno
Psicología Educativa 22 (2016) 135-41
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